What an unusual spring 2020 has been at First Baptist Church. With activities and events being postponed or canceled, we have had opportunities to work on some maintenance items we normally are not able to get to during our usual work schedule. Your custodial staff has been working hard to not only clean and disinfect, but also cleaning carpets, storage areas, and general overall deep cleaning. You may want to express your appreciation to Jonathan, Nathan, and Mike for all their hard work.  We have also had a chance to work on some demolition items in preparation of our Vision 2020 construction.  Walls, carpet and ceiling tiles have been removed, with the help of volunteers. These may seem like small items, but everything we can get done before construction starts, will save us money. Thank you to all our church members who faithfully continue to support our church through prayer and generous gifts of their time, talents, and finances.

On June 22-24 from 8am – 1pm, we will meet for the annual deep cleaning of our kitchen. Our kitchen staff does such a wonderful job of providing snacks and meals whenever called upon. This annual cleaning is an opportunity to close the kitchen and remove all appliances from the kitchen to be thoroughly cleaned. We will also remove the items from the cabinetry so the shelving may be cleaned. The vent hood filters will be degreased and power washed. In addition, while the kitchen is empty, we will have the floors professionally steam cleaned. All of these efforts are for one purpose, a clean and safe environment in which to provide meals for our church activities so God’s love and message can be shared.  Prayerfully, soon we will all be back as a church body to share a meal together.  If you would be willing to help, please call the church office or show up on the scheduled work days. Thank you so much for all the prayers and encouragement as we all work together for the glory of God.

Reed Johnson
Property Superintendent

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