Time and events have certainly proven that the Christians at First Baptist Lawton Fort Sill never fail to step up and take care of business whenever a need is identified.  Now we need to look into the future of our church and step up to insure it.

     One way to do that is for you to do some estate planning that will be of value to your family and, prayerfully, to your church in the future.  We can all start now in a planning mode:  it’s not just for your will and your later years anymore!

     There are now a myriad of choices and plans in place or ones that can be created to suit each family and the church.  Much of the assistance in estate planning involving the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma is available free of charge – depending on your planning program.

        “Remember old what’s-his-name? He used to……”

    Through the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma ‘old what’s his name’ can be you by name.  Right now we have two trust funds established to support the activities of our church.  Our ‘old what’s his names’ are Dr. Charles Green and Elizabeth Jackson.  There is at least one church here in Oklahoma where the operating budget is completely supported by the proceeds of multiple trust funds established over many, many years of congregation participation. 

     You all should see the light in the faces of our young football players participating in the Dr. Green Football Banquet or the light in the eyes of our high school graduates when they get the first scholarship money from Ms. Jackson and Dr. Green.

  It’s 1977, and Debbie Boone has a hit song in the number 1 position for 10 weeks.  paraphrasing, it goes:

So many nights I’d sit by my window…
Alone in the dark but now you’ve come along,
And you light up my life
You give me hope to carry on……..

  So let us resolve to LIGHT IT UP for the future of our church and Christians whom we will never know but who will carry the Word forward in their day.  To turn on the light be there on March 10 for lunch and learn about the opportunities available through the Baptist Foundation.  The Foundation is currently managing nearly $450 million and growing rapidly, so I guess that they are doing something right.

   Let us, First Baptist, do something right and LIGHT IT UP!!!!

Bill Malone

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