Living Christmas Tree

My dad is a pretty good farmer. He has been farming my entire adult life. There is a lot of hard work that goes into farming before a crop is produced. Two of the most important items in farming are the seed and the soil. Good seed usually produces a good crop, but that seed first needs to be planted on fertile soil. The sower of the seed must scatter or place the seed before it may grow. Jesus taught on this parable in Matthew 13:1-23.

This past weekend, many members of our church scattered a lot of “seed” by sharing the gospel through the 38th Annual Living Christmas Tree.

Once again, God used the Living Christmas Tree to sow the seed of the gospel. The Holy Spirit spoke into the souls of 18 individuals who indicated a profession of faith, 9 rededications and 27 others requested more information about Christ or about FBC Lawton and there were 2,816 guests in attendance. It was a wonderful multi-generational worship experience. A special thanks to Blake and Jenna Bolerjack for helping lead the LCT this year!

I personally want to thank you for the hours of sacrifice and labors of love given. The gift you have given is an eternal one. The gift and investment made by the members of First Baptist Lawton is truly amazing! The choir, orchestra, children’s choir, tech, soloists and all staff shared the hope of the gospel. Thank you and all glory be to God!

Mike Neff
Associate Pastor of Worship

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