When we hear the name Lottie Moon, many of us naturally think of Christmas.  For years Southern Baptists put the words together and called it the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  It is still referred to in that way.  Christmas time is not only a time to reflect on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, but a time of giving to others.

When our mission team was in Latvia this past June, we worked closely with a Southern Baptist Missionary family. Luke Tolbert, his wife Patty and their 4 children. This fine family from South Carolina is living in Adazi, Latvia working with Pastor Kaspars to bring the gospel to the Latvian people.  They are doing a wonderful work there, and they need the ability to move about the city.  You can see by the photos they are standing by their nice car.  This car was purchased from Lottie Moon offerings.  They call it their “Lottie Moon Car”.

The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is the largest missionary offering given by Southern Baptist Churches. The goal this year is $165 million. The theme this year is from Revelation 7:9 “ I saw a great Multitude from every nation and all tribes and people and languages standing before the throne”.  Giving generously to the Lottie Moon offering makes a difference throughout the world.  Your gifts enable missionaries to live among, serve, and share the gospel with people who have never heard it.  One hundred percent of the offering goes to missionaries, none to administration. 

The goal the mission team set for First Baptist is $45,000.  Will you be a part of reaching this goal? We have reached and surpassed the goal several times in the last several years.  Let’s continue giving to keep families like Luke and Patty and their children on the mission field. 

Pray about what God would have you give, and then be generous and faithful to give what He lays on your heart.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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