Ten year- old Lottie Moon sat on the back step of her family’s large Virginia estate with her cousin Sarah.  Sarah and her family were about to give up plantation life and move to Jerusalem for mission work.  Lottie was disappointed in her uncle for taking the family away.  Lottie said “It’s a long way to go from Virginia to Jerusalem just to waste your time telling people fairy stories.  All Christians do is argue and the Bible is just a story book.”

After a few years in boarding school, which was designed to groom young women to become Southern belles, Lottie enrolled in college.  On her 18th birthday, Lottie went to a Baptist church with 2 of her friends.  She went with the intent of making fun of the sermon.  That night Lottie could not sleep, tossing and turning and thinking about what the pastor had preached.  The next morning, she got up eagerly seeking to become a Christian.  By the end of the day Lottie had found Jesus at a prayer meeting.

After graduation from college, Lottie taught at a school for girls in Georgia.  In 1873, at the age of 33, Lottie went to China to start a school for Chinese girls.  While in China, Lottie wrote numerous letters for the Foreign Mission Journal for Southern Baptists.  One of these letters caught the attention of Annie Armstrong.  Annie worked with other ladies to raise $2000.00, enough to send two new missionaries to China.

The offering that was begun by the Baptist Women’s Missionary Union is still collected, but it is now commonly known as the “Lottie Moon Christmas Offering”.  It is the largest missionary offering of the Southern Baptist churches today.

The goal for First Baptist Church Lawton-Fort Sill for 2018 is $45,000.00.  Will you pray about what the Lord would have you give and give during the month of November?   Give your first Christmas present this year to help missionaries share the Gospel around the world.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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