The story is told of two men riding a tandem bicycle up a steep hill.  After much effort they finally made it up that hill and when they did the front rider said, “Wow, that was a tough ride”, to which the second rider said, “It sure was.  If I hadn’t kept the brake on, we might have slipped backwards.”

Sometimes in church work people have the tendency to put on the brakes and fail to work together, but I want you to know that is not the case at First Baptist Church Lawton.  We are definitely not putting the brakes on even during these days of the covid-19 pandemic.  To the contrary, I have noticed how we are continuing to minister to one another, to the community around us, and to the world.

During this different and difficult time, some of our church ladies have made and continue to make cloth face masks for those in need of them including the most vulnerable.  Many of our church members are celebrating birthdays with other church members by way of drive by parade parties.  With the love of Christ our church staff, deacons, and members have reached out to meet the needs of other members and those within our community.

Our kitchen crew continues to prepare food every week for over 300 hungry people in our community through M-28 Ministries.  Some of our church families are involved in this very practical ministry where the Gospel is also shared.

Our Wednesday evening Awana ministry for children continues thanks to dedicated leaders who are using the Facetime live application on their cellphones to teach the Bible lesson.  Our students continue to have Wednesday night fellowship and Bible study by way of Zoom.  The Zoom application allows them to see and talk to each other using their computers and cellphones.  Every Wednesday, at 4 pm, I am hosting our Prayer Meeting/Bible Study on our FBC Prayer page on Facebook.

You can attend Sunday School online every Sunday at 10 am by connecting with our church website (www.fbclawton/livestream), Facebook Live, YouTube, or Boxcast.  A different Sunday School teacher is teaching the Bible lesson each week.   Some Sunday School teachers are using Zoom to stay connected to their own Sunday School class members.

You can involve yourself in worship every Sunday at 11 am by tuning your television to KSWO (ABC network) or by connecting on Facebook Live, YouTube, or Boxcast.  On Sundays, at 5 pm, Dr. Joe Ligon is teaching through the book of Ephesians on our church website and these other live streaming platforms.

During these unprecedented times we have been reminded of the importance of family, friends, and fellowship in the church.  We have also witnessed the Gospel being shared worldwide by way of social media and live streaming like never before.  Praise the Lord!

Tony Christie
Associate Pastor

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