Discipleship University

Our Spring 2021  Discipleship classes will take place over 6 weeks.

The semester's classes include the following:


In this six-week course, we will explore a few of the most common questions facing Christianity today. We will discover arguments for the existence of the God of the Bible, examine the case for the Resurrection, and build a historical case for the reliability of the New Testament. We will also look at practical ways we can use apologetics to help friends consider the case for Christ, while exploring how our testimony can be a tool we can use to share the Gospel.

We will meet in the Choir Room

CHRISTIAN 101; Bill Fudge

In the New Believer Training study, we will have 6 lessons which cover  Assurance of our Salvation, Understanding Prayer, Daily Devotions, The Church, God-our Heavenly Father, and Spreading the Gospel.You will need to bring your Bible, and a pencil to take notes.

We will meet in room 210


I'll be talking about why we should share the Gospel, what holds us back, and how to bring it up in our daily life.
As believers we need to intentionally pray and take action to cultivate a heart like Jesus that seeks the lost.
We will meet in room 209



G.T.A.R Lessons; Pastor Mike Keahbone

Every believer has spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, and resources that God has given them to edify His church and to reach those who have not given their lives to Jesus. In this course we will identity our G.T.A.R. and learn how to use them! Pick me! Pick me!

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall

Kids P.O.D.

We will meet in K4C room

Women of the Word; Aileen Sadler

“In order to feel deeply about God, we must think deeply about God.”  Jen Wilkin

Using Jen Wilkin’s Bible Study method from her book, Women of the Word, you will learn (or revisit) a method to study the Bible as well as how to use study tools to help understand the Bible for yourself.  You will learn how to study an entire book of the Bible, how to do a word study and learn to see the Bible as one unified story.  

It is easy to feel like we don’t have time to study the Bible and that we will learn to do this some day . . . Even with small pockets of time, you can learn to study the Bible and deepen your walk with the Lord.  As we have a greater love for the Scriptures, we will have a greater love of God.
We will meet in room 208

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