In June, Mission Lawton volunteers provided a cook-out in 35th Division Park for residents of the Old Town North neighborhood.  More than 50 volunteers worked by delivering invitations in the neighborhood, cooking hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings, and serving and sharing with over 100 people who came.  Twenty children were registered for Vacation Bible School the next week.  At this event we were able to make initial contacts with people and share about our church and demonstrate the love of Jesus in an area near our facilities.

August begins Phase Two of Mission Lawton 2018.  Gifts have already been collected to purchase sets of school uniforms (shirt, pants and shoes) for distributions to students in need in the Lawton area. There is still opportunity for you to give a gift that will help us with this project.  One uniform set including a pair of shoes costs approximately $40.00.  We are partnering with school principals and counselors to help us identify those in greatest need.  If you would like to help, please place your gift in an envelope and mark it clearly for Mission Lawton Clothing.

We are working with Washington and Cleveland schools to provide a cook-out for teachers and staff at these buildings to show how much we appreciate their great service and our support of children as the new school year begins.  Watch closely for dates to be announced in the next few days so that you can help us make these great events.  Volunteers will be needed to make these meals successful so plan to come and assist.  Please contact Jack Newell or one of the members of the Missions Team for more details and to sign-up to help.

Mission Lawton is designed to help First Baptist Church people to get out in our community and show Christ’s love right close to home.  Thank you for always supporting this ministry and be ready to help in these two great opportunities in August as we show support for schools.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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