Some of you might have been wondering, “what is happening with Mission Lawton this year?”.  The Mission team decided to do Mission Lawton a little different this year.  First, we will have a door to door blitz on Wednesday May 30 starting at 6:00 PM.  We will meet at the Church and take door hangers to as much of the city surrounding the church as possible.  These door hangers will invite people to come to a cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs at 35th Division Park on Saturday June 2nd and promoting Vacation Bible School June 4-8.  The cookout will begin about 1:00 PM Saturday and go until we are out of burgers and dogs.  At the cookout we will register children for VBS.

The Mission team also thought that Mission Lawton should be about more than just one week.  So, we are going to interact with some local schools and public service people.  We are planning a cookout for at least one school’s staff and personnel.  We are also planning to provide shirts and pants for the required school uniforms.  We will also provide shoes for children.  We will be asking Sunday School classes to help us provide funds for clothing and food for these projects.

We are also planning to do cookouts for the Police and Fire Department personnel. The dates and times will be provided later.

We have Mission trips planned to various cities in the USA, and several to foreign countries, but we cannot forget our people in our own home town.  We feel that by spreading Mission Lawton out over the year, we can reach a larger number of people in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We will need your help both financially and physically to make these things work.  Please be in prayer for our city and the ways you might be able to help.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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