One of the challenges with the time we are in is staying connected.  We’ve replaced face to face conversations in person with looking into a video screen.  Zoom has become a household name.  If your house is anything like mine, it seems we have to balance how many devices we have connected to the internet!  My favorite was this week when my nine-year-old asked us all if we could keep the noise down for a little bit because he was getting ready to have a meeting.  That’s what he calls getting together with his class.  (He’s so much like his daddy it’s scary!)

We have taken for granted some of the conveniences we enjoyed just a month ago and we have recognized that some of the things in our lives that we have prioritized maybe are not as important as we once thought.  One thing that hasn’t lost its importance is the church!  If anything, we have been reminded of its importance and how rewarding our gathering together is.  I’m so thankful for the different individuals that have worked hard to bring the church to us…in particular Aaron Myers and all that he has done behind the scenes to set up the video for Sunday School, Disciple University, and Live Stream.  Thanks Aaron!

One of the things I miss from not gathering together is the opportunity to catch up.  During this time of being without a pastor, we haven’t been able to connect with the church like we would like to and share what has been taking place with the Search Committee.  Please know we have continued to meet as a committee.  Yes, our meetings have looked a little different – we have spread out in the Fellowship Hall and we have even met through Zoom – but we have still found ways to get together.

In terms of where we are in the process…we have started reaching out for recommendations and resumes.  We are going to take a little more time to gather candidates before we start to narrow our search down.  I’ve been really encouraged as I have reached out to several individuals for recommendations.  Several of the pastors that I have visited with have taken time to ask me lots of questions about our church, encourage me in this process, share feedback and council for the committee, and spent time in prayer with me. 

As a committee, we are humbled by this great responsibility that you have entrusted us with.  We are excited for where the Lord is leading us and we are praying daily for our new pastor and his family.  Please continue to pray for him as well and continue to pray for us as a committee.

Jonathan Pickett
Pastor Search Committee Chair

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