Throughout God’s word He has asked His people personally and corporately to Pray and Fast. Whether it was because of a plague, sin, looking for direction or just wanting to get closer to God, He has asked us to Pray and Fast.
As the Search Committee, we have committed to Prayer and Fasting at noon every Wednesday. We would like to ask our church family to join us.  We have committed to take the time that we would normally take to eat a noon meal and to spend it with our Lord in prayer.   We ask you to join us in praying for this world and each other.  We will be PRAISING God for who He is and what He has done,  REPENTING of unconfessed sins and asking for Christ’s forgiveness,  APPLYING the truths we’ve learned from His word and  YIELDING our life to God’s will.  We are asking the Father to grant us the grace needed to seek Him and to lead others to seek His mercy and restoration through revival and spiritual awakening in our life, church, community and nation.
We as individuals of the Search Committee ask specifically that you pray for unity and clear direction as we seek God’s Shepherd of First Baptist Church Lawton – Fort Sill.