Pick-A-Project is a special opportunity for our  church members to financially support an  improvement project. As Property  Superintendent, with the support of the Buildings  and Grounds Ministry Team, Finance Committee, and Ministerial Staff, we feel these projects will help update and improve our facilities beyond what would be possible with budget money alone. These needs will be from all areas of ministries. We are striving to make a good first impression and fulfill the needs of ministry areas. Prayerfully consider if you would be able to help fund one of these needs above your normal tithe. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Reed Johnson

#001 Family Life Center

New carpet and tile in lounge and game room

$2050 of $2500 x 4

#002 Children's Ministry

New welcome desk for preschool area

$2400 of $2400

#003 Upward Sports

2 Basketball lockers

$394 of $394 funded

#004 Worship Ministry

LED light bars for Worship Center & LCT

$250 of $2500

#005 Family Life Center

Rubber Floor in control room


#006 Office Suite

5 New reception chairs

$300 of $800

#007 Youth Ministry

New Ice Maker

$2500 of $2500

#008 Fellowship Hall

North counter - remove sinkand new Quartz counter top

$2500 of $2500

#009 Gymnasium

New LED lighting

$1500 of $1500

#010 Office Suites

New updated framed art and pictures


If you are able to support a project, please check the “other” box on the offering envelope and write Pick-A-Project and indicate project number. Thank you for your continued support of the needs of First Baptist Church. If there are funds remaining after a project has been completed, these funds may be applied toward another project.