I love you First Baptist Family! I have thoroughly enjoyed walking through Paul’s prayers with you. I have grown leaps and bounds in my personal prayer life and I hope that it has been a blessing to you. I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of what we learned this week. Praying for the knowledge of God’s will is crucial. Many times we look at God’s will as His approval or disapproval. The reality is that God’s will is more than that. There are things that He wants to teach and show us in the process. The knowledge of God’s will often gives clarity and encouragement that helps spur us to obedience, but most certainly gives us confidence in God’s answer.

Praying for the strength to obey God’s will is also very important. As I said on Sunday, many times it is easier to know God’s will; the hard part is obedience. Obedience is hard. We need God’s encouragement and push.

Finally, expect fruit when you pray. As children of God, we can expect that our Heavenly Father will come to the aid of His kids. Make a plan. Set aside time. Pray. Watch what the Lord does when we pray!

Love you! Mean it!

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

2 thoughts on “Pray for God’s Will

  1. My sister txt me your address. She was blessed by a sermon by a native Indian
    I cannot remember his name. Would you send me an address that I might pull it up on line and listen to him ?

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