I love you First Baptist Family! What a wonderful Sunday! The weather outside was frightful, but what God did in FBC was so delightful! Blake and Jenna Bolerjack helped us bring in Christmas and the Word of God reminded us of the great promises fulfilled by the birth of our Lord Jesus. The birth of our Savior brought Forgiveness, Restoration & Deliverance, and Peace. Hallelujah!

Dear church family, I am going to ask you to do a difficult thing. Slow this season down. I know 2020 is a year that everyone wants to fast forward and get away from. I understand, I want to do the same thing. However, as we walk through the Christmas season it is important to temper the pace and soak in the significance of Christmas. Right now Covid, politics, fear, shopping, decorating, parties, loneliness, and many other “things” are fighting for our attention. Trying to secure our loyalty and keep our hearts and minds anywhere else except on Jesus. This is a grand scheme of the enemy and he loves to see God’s people in turmoil. He loves to see us wrecked by fear and uncertainty. It is in those moments where he attempts to steal the glory of God by attacking our faith in our Heavenly Father. Slow down this season by spending time in prayer, time in the Word, and time sitting quietly to listen for the voice of our God.

I love to sit in my office and turn on worship music and just soak in the Lord’s presence. Casting every care on Him because He cares for me. I love the way spending time with God returns my focus, my face, and my heart towards Him. My confidence in Him is restored. My hope is in Him and not on anyone or anything in this world. Remember, we will give power to whatever we focus on. If we focus on fear, it will overwhelm us. If we focus on God, He will assure us. Rest in His assurance, slow down and celebrate the wonderful work of Jesus!

Love you! Mean it!

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

One thought on “Soak in the Significance

  1. We just moved to Lawton on December 9, 2020 and watched your church service on TV this passed Sunday (just acquired TV service) and we both were so drawn to your message and truth we want to visit once covid settles down. John 3:16 says it all and you spoke of the only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ!! AMEN
    We belonged to Frazer UMC church in Montgomery, AL but to us denomination is not what matters, it’s that you are a Christian, AMEN!! We were both baptized in the Baptist church. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing more of God’s word.
    God Bless You and Merry Christmas!!

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