Jeremiah was a bullfrog…was a friend of mine. Oop’s, wrong Prophet!

Nehemiah was a … Aaaah!, right Prophet, bad analogy.

Nehemiah was a prayer warrior!  He perceived a need, quit his job, led the final return to Jerusalem, motivated men and gathered supplies to rebuild the destroyed wall in 52 days.  With God’s help!

Even today, there are men and women taking bold action in many places for and with the help of our Lord and Savior.

He doesn’t ask us all to quit our jobs and move to another location to do His work.  He just asks for our cheerful support where we are.  As we have talked before, Stewardship is not just a financial issue but one of caring for what we have been given and using what we have been given to accomplish the work we have been charged to do.  BUT since this is from your Treasurer and budget approval is near, tithing springs to mind.

You were probably taught as a child to give to your church and participate in its activities.  Some have never wavered from those teachings.  However, some of us have fallen by the wayside for whatever reason:  the mortgage, family needs, fix the car, fertilize the lawn, feed the dog, etc., etc., etc.  Suddenly, the first and best for the Lord is the least and last, if at all.  The abyss keeps getting deeper and wider and the separation from the Lord becomes the norm.

For those of you who are or have been there like I have, it is really difficult to turn those habits around!  We were just making ends meet, and now I am supposed to “give money away.”  What’s in it for me?  Lemme splain ya!

It’s called a better life.  It won’t happen overnight and it will not even be discernible as it happens or evident when it has happened.  One day you will read a morning devotional and suddenly it will make sense.  You will actually realize that a prayer has been answered.  Now you are experiencing an awakening and your spiritual batteries are recharging.

Oh, but what about the tithe?  That, too, has taken time with spiritual and temporal growth intertwined.  For most of us an immediate tithe is not in the cards.  I did START with SOMETHING and resolved to make that SOMETHING be REGULAR.  After a bit, I began increasing the amount until I was able to reach a true and cheerful tithe.  Gradually, we saw that our financial house was in order.  Believe me, this was not an immediate revelation but one that developed and was realized over many years.

May I suggest that the keys here are START, SOMETHING, and REGULAR:  God’s blessings will flow.

Bill Malone

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