Hey folks. Time to talk about stewardship.

God has given Pastor Mike a vision for our church. You hear it every week from the pulpit. The vision includes personal growth by our members and it includes the expansion of the ministries of our church to the community. I fully support Pastor Mike and know you also support this vision. I also know this vision requires more revenue than the church is currently receiving.

We are currently doing ok financially. Some months the receipts are a little less than expenses, and some months, receipts are a little more than expenses. Overall, our receipts are staying ahead of expenses. However, receipts are not keeping with our budget. We are currently giving at 89% of our budget. If we continue at this rate, we will finish the year at approximately $1.20 million instead of our budget of $1.35 million, a shortfall of $150,000. As we continue opening back up, we will also see expenses rise (utilities, literature, bulletins, etc.)

“No problem,” you say, “we have a healthy reserve, right?” Yes, we do have a healthy reserve. The best I have seen in the ten years I have been tracking the budget. God provided a launching pad for the vision He has given Pastor Mike before we even knew Pastor Mike would be our pastor. However, that reserve will rapidly dwindle as we expand our ministries in the community and seek additional staff (Music Minister, Children’s Minister). In order to execute and sustain God’s vison for our church we need to start growing our resources now.

So what do we need to do? First, if you are a regular giver, but are behind on your giving, I would encourage you to catch-up. If you are able, increase your giving by 10%. If you normally give $100, give $110. If you normally give $500, give $550. If you don’t give regularly, then please start.

I believe God has great plans for our church. I also believe He has provided all the resources we need, if we are just faithful to give.

Cary McCoy

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