We as First Baptist Church of Lawton-Ft. Sill have a great opportunity coming up on Jan. 25th, 26th and 27th .We will be hosting the Strength Team at our Lawton Public Schools and our church. It is not often that a faith based, Christian team is allowed in our schools, and that is what will happen. This team is one of the most sought after programs for school assemblies all across our nation.

They will be performing amazing demonstrations of strength, inspiring and motivating students to achieve their best.   Topics that they will address in the schools are, making right choices, setting and accomplishing goals, anti-bullying, character education, anti tobacco/drug/alcohol and healthy food, exercise and self esteem. 

They will be in several schools on Friday.  Every student that attends the assemblies will receive an invitation to our church on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights to witness more amazing feats of strength and most importantly to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented. Every student in Lawton Public Schools will receive an invitation to the nightly programs at our church.

The team will consist of eight men tearing up thick telephone books, bending steel bars, breaking bricks and concrete blocks, and more with only their bare hands!  This will get the attention of the student and then they will hear about Jesus Christ and His love for them. While parents are not specifically invited, a lot of them will attend.  What a great outreach opportunity for our church.  Be in prayer for the team, that the Lord will speak through them and use them, and in prayer for the students and any parents that they will not only hear the gospel but that they will see the love of Jesus Christ and want that for their life. An invitation will be given each night for those that indicate that they would like to receive Jesus, or know more about Jesus.

If you would like to help in any way with greeting, ushering, counseling, contact  Dan Horton, Tony Christie, Bob Cox, or Jack Newell.  Also, if you would like to help financially with this, contact one of us . 

The nightly programs at church start at 6:30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and last for about one hour.  All church members young or old are invited.   

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Dan Horton

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