This year the church has been doing a great job of giving. The question is “Can we maintain our giving throughout the summer?”

Every year the Budget and Finance Committee, church staff, and other committees develop a budget that allocates projected revenues against the cost of maintaining the buildings, paying the ministers and staff, and resourcing the work God has directed. Our part is to assist this work through our giving.

While we have been doing well this year, each summer we normally see a significant drop in giving. Often, this lack of income causes a budget deficit that is never filled. Although the ministers do a good job of making due, the sad truth is we cannot fund ministries to the extent needed because we fail to maintain our giving throughout the summer.

We give for many reasons:

1. God commands us to give. In Malachi God tells us to “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse.” 

2. We seek the joy of participating in God’s work through our giving. We recognize how great God’s mercy has been to us and want to return some small measure to Him. We seek to further His work so that others may know the joy we have in Christ.

3. We feel an obligation to “do our part”. We recognize that the ministers work hard and deserve their wages (1 Tim 5). We know that it takes money to run the air conditioning and keep the lights on.

For these reasons and many others, we choose to give. None of these reasons stop in the summer and neither should our giving. Let’s commit to giving strong this summer.

Cary McCoy

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