Summer seems to be slow coming this year. With all the rain and storms, the thoughts of hot and dry seem far away.  School is officially out, and vacations are being planned. Mission trips and local mission activities which have been planned months ahead are upon us.  June and July are typically our busiest months for missions, and this year is no exception.

We have a team of 5 leaving for Latvia on June 14. We will be assisting Pastor Kaspars and his church in Adazi with Vacation Bible School.

On June 18, we have a team of 3 going to Portland, Oregon to assist Pastor Adrian Jordan in his ministry to people on the streets, and in parks and their home church.

Saturday the 13th of July we have a team of 9-10 church members heading to Chicago to assist Sam Johnson in his ministry there. We have been in partnership with Sam for several years, and we have seen some wonderful things taking place in South Chicago.

We also have some church members going to Honduras on July 14, Tanzania in August, plus some others still being planned.

  Shea Ferguson will be coming to visit our church on July 21.  We have had a partnership with Shea for several years as well.  Shea is a pastor working in the Phoenix area, and is continuing to grow a church plant that was started several years ago. The offering from our VBS this year will go to help Shea and his ministry.

Mission Lawton this year will be very similar to last year.  Our major focus will be to provide school uniforms for local school children.  Cleveland and Washington are our primary target schools.  We will also provide meals for teachers and staff in these schools and others on special occasions.

Your prayers and support for the summer missions is essential for them to be successful.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to go with us and before us on each of these efforts.  Pray that both children and adults will come to know Jesus because of these mission efforts.

Jack Newell
Missions Team Leader

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