I love you First Baptist Family! Merry Christmas! It is officially time to listen to Christmas music! I forgive you if you listened to it before Thanksgiving, but let’s get it right next year ;)!

It was so wonderful to be back with you on Sunday! I felt a little rusty from the time off, but look forward to shaking that rust off over the Sundays ahead.

I know that this season that we are walking through with Covid-19 does not seem like a blessing, but I do want to celebrate what I have seen God do in my own life during this time and why I am blessed for it.

The first blessing was that I was exposed. My walk with God had become casual. I was enjoying the bliss of a great family, great church, and I did not realize that I was just going through the motions. I was spiritually weak and out of shape and had no idea. I was calling all of the shots and doing what I knew to do as a husband, father, and pastor. When Covid hit, I was exposed.

The second blessing was that my time in the Word became urgent, sweet, and life giving. I depended on God’s daily leadership from the Word. I needed real wisdom, encouragement, and guidance. He provided in those awesome times of percolation.

The third blessing was that He taught me to pray. Really pray. Not the “I have exhausted every other resource, so I might as well try praying,” kind of prayer. I learned to cry out to God, listen to God, obey God, and trust God.

The fourth blessing is you. Covid-19 had nothing to do with it, but my calling to FBC Lawton will always be marked by becoming your pastor during these unprecedented times. The Lord has blessed my family and me with the best church family on the planet and we love you dearly!

Remember to be in the Word and pray! Pray knowing that God’s sovereign power can do anything! Pray for wisdom and discernment as you make decisions each day. Pray for the love and compassion of Jesus when it comes to loving our church family and community. Pray these things for you and for all of us at FBC Lawton.

Love you! Mean it!

Mike Keahbone
Senior Pastor

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