There are numerous scriptural accounts of God leading His people through capital campaigns.  David led his people through one.  How did he do it?

He had a vision, he believed, and he knew what he had was not from his own hands but that it came from a heart that chased God.  David knew that God was the owner of ALL.  He knew he was just a steward and that he did not own God’s wealth and that God had blessed him to bless others.  So, David generously gave the first gift in his campaign.  His leaders gave next to the cause to inspire others and the people willingly and joyfully followed. 

Every Biblical campaign was of the Lord and Spirit-led.   None were sales-driven.  Vision 2020 parallels this approach.   God’s people give to God’s work as the Spirit of God leads them. As a team, we have asked each of you to pray over your decision, and from there simply be sincere in leaving the decision in God’s hands.  We have done our best to make the vision and presentations clear and to ask for your support.  But if we do not close the sale, that’s between you and the Lord. 

This campaign goes much further than being just a transaction of funds from your pocket to the church.  capital campaigns are a function of God’s desire to transform our hearts, minds and our purses.  Giving transforms our heart, which in turn transforms our ministry.  Remember these words? – “you are never more like Jesus than when you give”.   

God used capital campaigns to minister to His people.  He used them as a ministry to teach and apply some of the most fundamental Biblical stewardship principles.  Many positive changes came as a result of this type of ministry.  Yes, capital campaigns can result in some structural change but, God’s intent is much more than structural.  It is to spiritually transform the hearts of His people.

VISION 2020 is far more than a New Entry, Welcome Center and New Bathrooms.  It’s a ministry that the Lord has extended to us, designed to teach us to be good stewards and to grow in our walk and relationship with Him.   Does God have your heart?

Bob Cox
Building Renovation Team Member

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