I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Your church and staff are working hard each day during this time to provide opportunities to work and study God’s Word while we are having to stay home for now. As many of you know plans are being made to take steps each week to enable us as a church to get back together as a church family.

One of the plans that has continued throughout this period is Vision 2020. Reed Johnson and the Vision 2020 Building Renovation Committee have been at work behind the scenes to move the project forward in the middle of COVID-19. We have met in person while practicing social distancing, visited by phone, and held zoom sessions to keep the project on track. It has been successful with the work of Reed, the committee, and staff. Currently, final plans have gotten back from the contractor and the bidding process is getting underway. The committee had the opportunity to review the plans and give feedback to the contractor. We now have a detailed set of final plans in which each trade may bid to our contractor. As with any project, I would expect a few details to change during the project, but all parties have worked upfront to keep that to a minimum. Recently, we’ve had communication with the staff and the Finance Committee discussing the project and how to proceed. Vision 2020 was approved to proceed by both staff and the Finance Committee. To date, the church membership has given $245,000 toward the Vision 2020 project. It is much appreciated that membership continues to give to the project as well as to the overall church during a time that we are unable to meet in person. Thank you for the tithes, gifts, offerings, and commitments. We are truly a fortunate church body. As the time goes by each day we are closer to seeing one another again. Changes have been taking place at our properties at 5th and B.
You will notice the work that has been done in-house to prepare and create cost savings to start the project construction. Progress has been made during this time and will continue to do so. When appropriate for you, we look forward to seeing you again. In the meantime, the staff will continue to prepare a safe environment each day. Thank you again for your patience and gifts, but most of all your prayers.

Justin Phelps

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